Moims RAC Meeting March/13/08


Bruce Ambacher; Mark Conrad; John Garret; David Giaretta; Patrick Mazal; Jim Thieman; Marie Waltz

David has revised the charter slightly to reflect our new working group status. In particular the times and item 6 of the goals. Nestor’s email about the Magenta book was about where we’re going to go with the CCSDS. We’re going to develop Magenta and a Green Book where we discuss the procedures and other instructions. Our working group status is more than likely to be approved by the CCSDS within the next month. The next CCSDS meeting will be in Berlin in the autumn and we will probably have an all day meeting for the group at that time.

We’re going through the ISO TC20/SC3 committee.

We’re going to need to submit a committee draft document. Maybe we can submit TRAC, or a combination of TRAC and NESTOR, or combine TRAC and DRAMBORA? In any case, we want to submit the document and the auditor’s guide at the same time. We need a strategy for the document. We should be looking at examples of certification guidelines. We want to think about auditor qualifications and accrediting bodies. ISO 9000 and 27001 are minimal on these topics. We need to have conformance standards and best practices. ISO 9004 looks at Records Management. Do they have qualification for an auditor? We want to open up the RLG/NARA wiki so everyone can use it. Does anyone have any objections to this? It will be useful, as then we can understand the thinking behind a lot of what was done.

The timetable for documents has changed. The new timetable includes version “0” of the White book by May 2008, version 1 by October 2008 and the Red Book, available for review by March 2009.

David has received from money through his PARSE.Insight project which he wants to put into having a meeting of the working group. The meeting will be held sometime at the end of the year or early next year. We want to look at how to create an auditing body, what the guideline for the auditing body should be, auditor certification, and quantification of the metrics, what is the importance of each metric in relation to the others and in the audit. We’ve done some of this already with the mandatory or non-mandatory designation for each of the criteria. We also want to look at the structure of our proposed white book.

A brief discussion of some of the questions that Mark brought up in his work with the TRAC document began. He wonders in B3.1 and in Appendix 5 why a preservation strategy is necessary, and what is a preservation strategy? Certainly the group agrees Appendix 5 needs work, as does B3.1. Also Mark wonders if B3.4 can be applied to a new repository. After some discussion, Mark points out that these are the kinds of discussions we need to be having in our weekly meeting. David agrees that using another system which has better voice capabilities might work, though he cannot use Skype at work. Bruce agrees we need more talking with notes. But what about those who are less comfortable with English, isn’t typing better for them? Mark wonders if we can use AccessGrid for meetings. He points out Skype is limited to 9 people on a conference call. We might be able to use Googletalk, but there are probably the same problems as exist with Skype and Megameeting. Another proposal is that we have an agenda and more structure to the meetings. If a particular topic was named in advance, people could submit comments in advance to save time. Then we could go through everything and resolve to discuss what doesn’t get resolved in a separate meeting. David offers that Simon could send out a weekly announcement of the topic. Comments need to be received by Saturday so everyone has a chance to read them. We will start with a discussion of B1.1-B1.3 and see how it goes. David will present the format at the beginning the next meeting (Monday, March 17, 2007.) He will be speaking, rather than typing.

The group takes a look at 27006, 17021 as they both cover certification and auditor requirements information. There is some good material and it is proposed we take some of what is in these documents and post it to the wiki for further discussion with working group members.

Mark offers to set up an AccessGrid meeting for the working group. Most members should have access to AccessGrid if they are near a university or governmental agency. This type of meeting could take the place of a face to face meeting.

-- DavidGiaretta - 17 Mar 2008

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